Vasilij Nevlev

Vasilij is a passionate analytics and technology expert with over 17 years of experience solving IT challenges for big and small organisations. Vasilij founded Analytium with the sole purpose of transforming businesses through decisions made using sound data analytics. He has appeared at data analytics conferences and events, from Moscow to London, Las Vegas and Orlando, and is eager to share his experiences, customer stories and best practices.

Analytics Lead

Pavel Rogatch

Pavel’s experience spans various disciplines within analytics and research, forecasting and planning. Pavel spent over two decades focusing on gathering, organising, visualising, analysing data and getting value and meaningful insight out of it. He has a strong background in statistics, Data Science and programming, supporting these exceptional skills, he also holds a Ph.D. in Mathematics and Physics. He constantly enhances his knowledge and skills by using various resources and learning from others. Pavel loves to work with data that helps to solve real-world problems.

Tech Lead

Ivan Dziemianczyk

Ivan is a keen problem solver. When faced with a new challenge, he is keen in finding and creating a solution. He has integrated with and analysed data from many sources including real time streams, monitoring systems, web applications and many more. His curiosity and ability to grasp and understand technical concepts is an asset to our team. Ivan has extensive experience working with some of the most advanced analytics, AI and Machine Learning applications and holds multiple certifications for the SAS © product portfolio.

Sales Director

Aaron Gammon

Aaron is our customer centric Sales Director. He has been working with data driven technology for over 15 years and has worked with hundreds of global organisations in various verticals covering Oil & Gas, Retail & E-Commerce, Finance, Banking and Insurance. Aaron is passionate about technology as a whole, but he specifically enjoys working with and talking about data and how it can be leveraged to create positive outcomes.

Our People and Culture

Our core values support us to foster a learning culture under which our people continuously challenge and improve themselves, and our organisation continuously adapts itself to our customers’ needs.