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Ten reasons why:

  1. You will work with talented and motivated people. We are caring and quick to give credit to each other
    and have an open feedback culture. We work in small teams to give our employees the autonomy and voice they
    need to be heard.
  2. 100% remote working environment gives a lot of flexibility and a better work-life balance.
  3. You will work with an impressive list of clients on a variety of projects.
  4. A culture of results, not hours accumulated: you can structure your day in such a way that you can
    achieve results yet not burn out, work at a time when you are most productive and be able to plan your days
    making time for those relationships that matter – family, friends, loved ones.
  5. Working remotely doesn’t feel remote. Not having a HQ, everybody is one team working in the same main
    (virtual) office, no satellites. We foster the camaraderie from afar proving the concept that being at a
    distance doesn’t mean being distant.
  6. Open internal processes: know what you’re getting into and be assured we’re thoughtful and effective. Our
    remote onboarding process includes learning about our products, culture and business.
  7. We are focused on personal development and there are multiple opportunities for learning new skills.
  8. Provision of laptops and other equipment you might need for work can be provided.
  9. Company gatherings once a year which are usually productive and fun.
  10. Working in international teams on cutting edge technology projects.

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Our corporate backstage:

We were working remotely long before Covid, so it is not new to us. Since setting up in 2016, Analytium worked successfully as 100% free from “bricks and mortar” offices.
What is needed to run such a company?
We think it comes down to three aspects: people, technology and processes.

People: Remote working is a skill, just like programming or design. During our recruitment process, we fact find about how the potential employee can see himself fit into such an arrangement. We focus on hiring doers, trustworthy people with good communication skills. Working from home is not for everybody, it will only suit those who don’t need the social aspects of a workplace much. Though we are trying to cultivate such traits virtually.
Though we work remotely, we do it as a TEAM, making sure we work smoothly and orderly. To achieve that we do the following:

We are building a diverse international community, an environment which is good for your professional growth as well as for mind and soul. The privilege comes with responsibilities, we uphold our values and everybody joining the company is agreeing to adhere to these.
And last but not least: we do not just work together, we also have fun together with planned and spontaneous coffee hangouts and competitive online gaming to name a few.

Technology: Technology certainly helps when it comes down to working remotely. We refined our tools for collaboration, sharing information, conducting meetings, keeping in touch and working on our projects. Our digital workplace is enabled by video talks on Zoom and Teams, Slack for instant messaging and “water cooler talk”, Wrike & HubStuff to plan and track your work hours, BambooHR as an HR dashboard and recruitment ATS, Docushare, Email/Outlook, Viber/WhatsApp/Skype to name a few.

Process (or How We Work):

If you require more information about Analytium please check us out here: Glassdoor or Linkedin.

Talent Sought

Excited to work on the projects using the latest IT trends and technologies? Ready to deploy your digital skills and lead the way to the high-tech future?

Then we need you!
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How We Hire

Our recruitment process is mostly vacancy-dependant. When applying, sometimes there are a few questions we ask you in our online form, which address your qualifications for the role.
Our interviewing process varies by role; however, you will be advised by the recruitment specialist on the process.

Recruitment stages:


Success Tips:

How can I stand out when applying for a job?


5 Things to Do Before your Zoom interview:

1. Research the company and prepare questions to ask.

2. Plan your attire, it is still a formal online meeting.

3. Test your tech in advance, prepare your surroundings, look at the camera, not the screen.

4. Be mindful of your facial expressions & body language.

5. Avoid any potential interruptions.

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