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Microsoft Azure & Azure Data Services Subscriptions

Microsft Azure allows your organisation to manage its data on the cloud. It offers various products and services to gather, store, process, analyse and visualise data of any variety, volume, or velocity. With the range of offerings, selecting the combination that fits your organisation’s needs can be quite challenging.

As both Microsoft Azure and SAS® resellers, MySASteam is uniquely positioned to give you comprehensive advice on building an advanced cloud-based data analytics solution. Make sound Azure subscription purchasing decisions, having received such guidance. Only contract the subscriptions that you absolutely need.

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Amazon Web Services offers a broad set of global

Amazon Web Services offers a broad set of global cloud-based products, including those that allow you to manage your data off-premises.

AWS Data Services can manage different workload requirements of data processing, warehousing, storage, archival, and many others.

For these reasons, established enterprises and start-ups alike trust AWS.

MySASteam helps you build a modernised cloud-based data analytics framework. Manage your AWS subscriptions confidently with recommendations of a partner that is both an AWS and SAS® reseller.

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SAS® Licenses

SAS® is a comprehensive powerful data analytics platform trusted by a large user base for more than 40 years.

MySASteam makes it easy for you to take advantage of this tool with our complete SAS® licensing services, including purchasing, installation and technical support. We provide consultancy to maximise your acquisition of SAS® product licenses given your current IT infrastructure and staffing.

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Environment & Setup

SAS® Platform Administration

MySASteam offers SAS® Platform Administration for improved resiliency, reliability, and minimised downtime.

Schedule backups that allow your SMB to pick up where it left off in case of a fault.

Properly tune your server to run optimally aided by real-time and historical performance logs.

Timely respond to issues with automated alerts via email, SMS, or phone call for virtually any event that may be important to your organisation.

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SAS® End User Management

All products allow for very granular data governance. In SAS® 9.4. user access is controlled with the combination of configurations in SAS® Management Console, SAS® Metadata Security, and (virtual or physical) folder structures. In a larger organisation, user management can get complicated.

While access administration has been simplified in SAS® Viya, you can still benefit from additional guidance. MySASteam helps you make sure the configurations allow the right people to access the necessary tools, data, and metadata.

SAS® End User Management can be valuable to small or midsized organisations that see expansion on the horizon.

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SAS® Web Application Server Administration

SAS® web applications give your organisation a user friendly way to access data analytics assets such as stored processes, dashboards, information maps, charts, files, publication channels, RSS feeds, and links to internal or external web pages, reports, and dashboards.

MySASteam configures and maintains the mid-tier server that allows your business units to securely develop an asset once and deploy everywhere.

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SAS® 9 to Viya® Migration

Many organisations have moved to cloud-native SAS® Viya® for its sleeker interface, in-memory data processing, open architecture, and integration with open source technologies.

Using our proven migration methodology and programs, MySASteam helps you transfer to SAS® Viya® with minimal configuration issues. Don’t leave behind your existing assets, programs, and data assets that your organisation has built up over the years.

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Data Management

SAS® Data Management

SAS® offers several data management solutions that centralise different types of information (eg. structured, unstructured, text documents, images, etc) into a data warehouse.

MySASteam uses software such as SAS/ACCESS® software, SAS® Data Management, SAS® Federation Server, and SAS® In-Database technologies to extract, transform, and load the information in the necessary format.

We create jobs and scripts designed to move information from source to target in the most efficient way possible.

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Data Controller for SAS®

Data Controller allows you to easily load information from a Microsoft Excel file into SAS® or any database. Data Controller empowers SAS® users to modify and delete data in SAS® quickly, without requesting a DBA to run a script, risk locking datasets, security risks, having to create a new job or program.

With MySASTeam, you can have a simple, secure and fast means of loading ad-hoc documents.

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Dashboarding and Reporting

Monitor your business performance and focus on decision-making while MySASteam delivers reports, dashboards, and analytics tools to extract insights from your datasets.

Harness the power of your data while avoiding the challenges of embarking on an in-house data analytics project.

Outsource your management reporting and analysis so that you can focus on strategy and decision-making.

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SAS® Web Applications

SAS® provides four web applications that empower your team with self business intelligence capabilities. They are SAS® Information Delivery Portal, SAS® Web Report Studio, SAS® BI Dashboard, and SAS® BI Portlets.

MySASteam configures these applications so that your organisation’s users can easily and securely author and distribute insights. Share stored processes, dashboards, information maps, charts, web applications, files, publication channels, RSS feeds, and links to internal or external web pages, reports, dashboards from a centralised location.

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Visually communicate the relationships hiding in your data with intuitive and insightful reports with bespoke web applications. MySASteam uses SASjs, a powerful combination of tools and libraries, to create compelling graphs and images that tell a story. The SASjs framework is useful for automating workflows, surfacing analytics, and building breathtaking user experiences. Empower your team to develop bespoke HTML5 reporting web applications with ease and in record-breaking time.

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Integration with SAS® Analytics

MySASteam effortlessly interfaces your data, regardless of technology or delivery mechanism, with SAS® Analytics. Using standards-based communications and APIs, your analysts can make use of the comprehensive analytics tools SAS® offers, irrespective of your existing technology stack.

Explore data for emerging trends. Gain insights into customers and markets. Get accurate, fact-based information you need to act decisively. Use SAS® capabilities for data access and management, sophisticated analytics and reporting from a familiar Microsoft Office environment – no analytical expertise or IT support required.

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Statistical Modeling

A statistical model is a mathematical approximation of the complex relationships between variables in your data. It is an equation that represents patterns that appear. Understanding these patterns give business owners an edge because SMBs can then react accordingly. Learn from the past so you know how to navigate tomorrow. This is the promise of data analytics, in particular, statistical modelling.

Models aren’t perfect so it is vital to recalibrate or retrain the model when necessary. MySASteam has a reliable methodology for performing statistical modelling with a feedback loop. Incorporate this discipline in your organisation so that you don’t have to rely on your gut feel or fly blind.

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Python Development Environment Support

Open-source developers can integrate SAS® with Python through various code libraries and
tools available on GitHub.

Users can:

  • Load, import and profile data using an integrated development environment (IDE) or
  • Cleanse, prepare and transform your data
  • Use functions to manage and provide governance for data assets and their

MySASteam aids you in utilising the available packages depending on your organisation’s
analytics use case and technology stack.

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R Development Environment Support

R is the language of choice of many data scientists trained in the academe. It is known for its visualisation functions and efficient vector manipulation.

Through SAS/IML Studio, researchers can submit R statements within the SAS® environment. Further, information can be exchanged from SAS® data structures to R data structures vice-versa. MySASteam leverages the seamless integration between SAS® and R for your organisation. Empower your team with the best that these two technologies offer.

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Azure Cloud & Azure Data Services

Microsoft Azure allows your SMB to move to the cloud on your terms. Keep certain functions close to home. For everything else, allow Microsoft to manage it in its global network data centres.

As a certified Microsoft Azure partner and SAS® Silver Partner, MySASteam enables you to navigate the nuances of each Azure product or service and its interactions with SAS® solutions. Build an advanced cloud-based data analytics framework and capitalise on the capabilities of both technology platforms working together.

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AWS Cloud & AWS Data Services

AWS makes it possible for organisations of every type, size, and industry to use the cloud for a wide variety of use cases, such as data backup, disaster recovery, email, virtual desktops, software development and testing, big data analytics, and customer-facing web applications. AWS helps business scale and grow with minimal upfront monetary commitment.

MySASteam is both a certified AWS partner and SAS® Silver partner. This unique combination helps SMBs like yours take full advantage of all that an advanced cloud-based data analytics solution has to offer.

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SAS® Cloud

SAS® Hosting Service is an excellent option for organisations looking for a comprehensive analytics solution based on SAS® industry-leading products by certified SAS® partners. Hosted Managed Services allow you to deploy the technology on an infrastructure that has been tuned specifically for the solution.

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Integration with Cloud Data Platforms

If you prefer a different cloud data platform, MySASteam provides you with the support needed. With hundreds of migration projects, under our belt, we prepare your organisation for its migration to your to your cloud platform of choice.

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Allied Services

Project Management

Our project managers use our proven methodology to consistently deliver projects on time, in scope, and within budget. We continuously communicate with the process owners, IT team, both in-house and ad-hoc, to ensure all development work leads to solutions that bring value to your SMB in the shortest amount of time possible. Our project managers flag issues and mitigate risks before they escalate into a problem that is difficult to correct. MySASteam helps your project stay on track and easy to manage with a single liaison between the stakeholders and the project team.

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Documentation Support

MySASteam offers documentation support that ensures a smooth knowledge transfer. We record your business processes and data analytics solutions in an easy to understand, standardised format. With proper documentation, your business can continue uninterrupted even in the face of changing workforce. Use the document as the basis for training new team members, process improvement or regulatory compliance when necessary. Documentation is often forgotten until it is needed. With MySASteam, you can make it a priority.

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Configuration Management

MySASteam helps you identify dependencies and allow you to confidently introduce updated versions of your solution. With configuration management, your development and testing team can deploy the correct versions of the solution into the production environment, assured that no configuration was missed.

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Change Management

MySASteam supports your business in making transitions as smooth as possible through stakeholder management, change communications, training opportunies and feedback mechanisms. Ensure company-wide buy-in to experience the full effects that your data analytics solution has to offer.

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Data Governance

With the GDPR enacted in the EU, businesses require more stringent data management policies. MySASteam helps your SMB remain compliant with regulation. Trace your usage of sensitive information and ensure that it is always secure. Create an appropriate level of consistency across entities and business activities.

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MyDataforce offers Power BI to leverage the familiarity of most users with the Microsoft Office Suite. It is highly intuitive and integrated with the tools that most users are already using.

Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services offers reliable, scalable, and inexpensive cloud computing services. Free to join, pay only for what you use. As the market leader in cloud computing, enjoy more than 175 of their best in class product and services.


Matillion ETL is an ETL/ELT tool built specifically for cloud database platforms such as Amazon Redshift and Azure Synapse. It is a modern, browser-based UI. It’s great for collaboration with version control and full-featured graphical job development. Most importantly, it’s fast with the ability to process millions of rows in seconds, with real-time feedback.


With its distributed, RESTful search and analytics engine, Elastisearch provides results at lighting speed. It is a highly accessible, open-source and full stack solution. MyDataforce offers this to its clients that are looking to change the way its users relate to their data.


SAS Institute is considered one of the pioneers in data analytics. With over 40 years experience, it has developed an extensive range of solutions cutting across different domains. MyDataforce is a proud partner of SAS Institute because of its powerful analytics platform and shared passion for bringing analytics to every business.


TIBCO fuels digital business by enabling smarter and faster decision-making through TIBCO-connected Intelligence Cloud. From APIs and systems to devices and people. MyDataforce and TIBCO work hand-in-hand to enable digital businesses all over the world to make better decisions faster every time.

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