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Simply put – at {An}alytium we specialise solely in SAS analytical development.

Our focus on SAS specifically, makes us capable of more than most of our competitors in this field and ensures that we deliver designs and implement systems that maximise your data to the benefit of both you and your clients.

Building long-term partnerships based on trust, delivery and response is a key component. We ask the right questions, at the right time, to enable understanding of your business and its unique requirements in order to deliver a solution that is perfect for you.

Our aim is to become a valued member of your team dedicated to optimising, supporting and enjoying your success alongside you.

What we do

Reliability is the key. We ask the right questions, at the right time in order to deliver a solution that is perfect for you.

Our cases

We are innovators. Below are showcases of some of the tools and know-how of some of the works have done in the past.

Multi-Tiered Business Intelligence (SAS® Intelligence Platform Overview)

SAS® Intelligence Platform is a comprehensive solution for data analysis. It can be scaled from a single laptop to a cluster of servers consisting of hundreds of high grade machines.

It often helps to understand what different types of components and their main functions are, and how they are related to each other.

SAS® Intelligence Platform: Server Tier

Many organisations see data as the most valuable and protected resource. Among the features that vividly characterise the data within an enterprise is that business users source, change, manage and store data independently, simultaneously or at different times, once and for all or over and over again.

A huge challenge here is to achieve and maintain consistency and integrity of enterprise data. Moreover, it is desirable to make this work unnoticeably and ‘painlessly’ for the company’s workflow. SAS® Intelligence Platform is a solution designed specifically for creating, managing, and distributing enterprise intelligence. For instance, because of the way the platform is structured, enterprise data is stored only once, and can be accessed by all of the client applications, which leads to consistent answers. The requests from client applications are serviced by SAS® servers, located on the SAS® Server Tier. We’ll take a closer look at this tier further in this article.

SAS® and Fraud Prevention (Brief Overview)

Fraudsters, accidental or professional, attempt to stay undetected. Financial fraud alone costs the UK over £2 million a day, according to Financial Fraud Action UK group. It is accepted wisdom that the fraud is difficult to identify and even more difficult to prevent.
In this paper I attempt to discuss the different types of data analytics available when it comes to fraud prevention.

Making Your Long Running SAS® Stored Processes Run

You might have run a stored process that executes fine on SAS® Enterprise Guide or Excel SAS® Add-in; however, when run on SAS® Stored Process Web App or SAS® Information Delivery Portal, they time out before the output is sent back to the client. Typically, it either shows as an internal server error or downloads a corrupt/incomplete output file. So what is going on?

HighCharts Presentation Result

If you use SAS, have you ever wondered if modern Web 2.0 technologies can be combined with SAS data sets? How to make dynamic graphs, so that users can explore the data in an intuitive way, without any prior SAS knowledge? In this demo, we will show how to transform a boring data set, such as sashelp.stocks into an attractive chart that allows the user to review any time period, zoom in and out and export the graph as an image.

Our partners

Our achievements

We are passionate about technology, reliability and innovation. Here are some of our achievements in the industry.

Ever wondered what it takes to integrate SAS with Web 2.0 technologies? {An}alytium is hosting a round table discussion with industry leaders to discuss the best practices and any pitfalls of Web Application Development for SAS® platform.

Insurance fraud does not know the borders. Neither are the experts. Join us in Moscow, where we will share with you our experience of using SAS® to prevent insurance fraud.

Data is everywhere, but unless it is visualised, it is invisible. Join us at SAS Global Forum 2016 to learn how to visualise SAS® with help from the latest that Web 2.0 has to offer.

Insurance fraud costs £50 per policy holder. Come and join us at SAS Forum UK where our own Vasilij Nevlev explains how SAS® is used at a large UK insurance firm to reduce fraud and increase customer satisfaction.

Join us at SAS Forum UK 2015 in London or Manchester to learn how to visualise SAS® data using JavaScript open source libraries such as HighCharts or D3 with only 80 lines of SAS code.

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